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INTERCEM Cementitious Materials Week 2020 - A week of exclusive webinars looking at SCMs in the cement sector

Welcome to INTERCEM Connect, a new web portal where cement industry executives can access live webinars, past presentations and exclusive forecasts and analysis from leading industry experts and analysts.

During the necessary hiatus from face-to-face events across the globe forced by the Covid-19 pandemic, INTERCEM still wants to play our part in helping cement executives all around the world share best practice, and the latest market updates electronically. To do this, we are asking some of our regular contributors to share with you their insight, analysis and latest data, in live webinars and recorded presentations, to assist you with your decision making during this difficult time. 

The COVID 19 pandemic has come at an already very difficult moment for the cement industry - with an overcapacity glut across many international markets - and it is likely to make a significant impact on the sector for some time to come. Through many different crises over the past 30 years, INTERCEM has been a place for us to do that face-to-face, and  hope that using this platform we can provide you with information that you will find interesting and insightful to assist you through this unprecedented period.

Look out for regular live webinar announcements - available free to all.

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